The Dormition of the Virgin Mary, Little Easter in Summer

Happy many returns to all. Happy August 15th

We’re cleaning up Amorgos

On Sunday, 24th of June, the Amorgos Municipality, with the help of the Cultural Association of Tholaria and SKY channel, will clean up the Mikri Vlihada beach

Yperia 2011 – Press Release

We are pleased to announce the 9th International Meeting of Culture and Tourism, YPERIA 2010 which will take place from 27 of April to...

The Shepherd of Keros passed on

Dimitris Artemis, known to most of those who visited the Small Cyclades and especially the Koufonisia as the "shepherd of Keros", died on January...
Amorgos Island Map

Amorgos – Municipal elections 2010 Second Round

Measured SECTIONS: 8 / 8 (100.00%) Vote: 1234 / 2235 (55,21 %) Valid: 1201 Invalid: 17 White: 16

Little Amorgos

«The island is not to be sold to Turks» "Little Amorgos" became famous after the news that saw the light of publicity talking about it being sold by the Hellenic country to a Turk businessman.

Dead young monk seal found in Amorgos Island

MOm’s Press Room In late April, a monk seal made its appearance at the port of Aegiali, Amorgos. The young animal showed a quite friendly...

Healthcare on Greek island of Amorgos slips into critical condition

A helicopter appeared last month through the mists that often engulf Greece's far-flung isle of Amorgos. Two figures, one on a stretcher, waited as...