Patatato a traditional dish of Amorgos Island

Patatato,a portion of goat meat cooked in a pot with potatoes

Traditional Lighthouse of Amorgos Island

The lighthouse Katapola (vathi in Amorgos was built in 1882.) It's one of the oldest lighthouses of the Greek lighthouse network. Νowadays there are...

NYPost Amorgos in secret islands of Greece

There's shock and awe, like the iconic white Moni Hozoviotissis monastery, embedded precariously within an awesome cliff face high above the sea, which steals your breath away...

Yperia 2011 was a great success

Press Release  YPERIA The 9th International Conference on Culture and Tourism Yperia 2011 was again a great success,  in regards to participation and...

A 75 year old man committed suicide in Amorgos

A 75 year old pensioner from Arkesini, Amorgos, ended his life on the morning of July 30, unable to cope with the devastation brought...

Little Amorgos

«The island is not to be sold to Turks» "Little Amorgos" became famous after the news that saw the light of publicity talking about it being sold by the Hellenic country to a Turk businessman.
Amorgos Island Map

Amorgos – Municipal elections 2010 Second Round

Measured SECTIONS: 8 / 8 (100.00%) Vote: 1234 / 2235 (55,21 %) Valid: 1201 Invalid: 17 White: 16

Wedding in Amorgos

Amorgos is one of my favorite islands. I hadn’t visited for many years, so I was extremely pleased when Tim & Ritsa asked me to photograph their wedding there