Amorgos island in 1986

Picturing the island of Amorgos of another era

Healthcare on Greek island of Amorgos slips into critical condition

A helicopter appeared last month through the mists that often engulf Greece's far-flung isle of Amorgos. Two figures, one on a stretcher, waited as...

Folk music of Amorgos

The inhabitants of Amorgos, despite everyday hardship in their isolated and rocky island, never pass on an opportunity to celebrate, composing their own songs

Buildings of Amorgos

Roughly 3.000 monuments of rural heritage recorded the “Greek Company of Environment and Culture”
Amorgos Island Map

Amorgos – Municipal elections 2010 Second Round

Measured SECTIONS: 8 / 8 (100.00%) Vote: 1234 / 2235 (55,21 %) Valid: 1201 Invalid: 17 White: 16

The Shepherd of Keros passed on

Dimitris Artemis, known to most of those who visited the Small Cyclades and especially the Koufonisia as the "shepherd of Keros", died on January...

Photos Of Amorgos

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