Patatato a traditional dish of Amorgos Island

Patatato,a portion of goat meat cooked in a pot with potatoes

History of Amorgos Island

During the Early Cycladic Period (3rd millennium BC), Amorgos was one of the mort important Aegean cultural centres. It had more than 12 fortified acropolises on hilltops and capes (Markiani was the chief one), as well as cemeteries (Dokathismata, Kapsala).

The Shepherd of Keros passed on

Dimitris Artemis, known to most of those who visited the Small Cyclades and especially the Koufonisia as the "shepherd of Keros", died on January...

Dead young monk seal found in Amorgos Island

MOm’s Press Room In late April, a monk seal made its appearance at the port of Aegiali, Amorgos. The young animal showed a quite friendly...
Amorgos Island Map

Amorgos – Municipal elections 2010 Second Round

Measured SECTIONS: 8 / 8 (100.00%) Vote: 1234 / 2235 (55,21 %) Valid: 1201 Invalid: 17 White: 16
25 Reasons You Should Never Visit Greece

25 Reasons You Should Never Visit Greece

1. Some people seem to believe that Greece is a beautiful place.   Visit Greece / Creative Commons / Via Mountain Side in Halkidiki Halkidiki. 2. And that...

Traditional Lighthouse of Amorgos Island

The lighthouse Katapola (vathi in Amorgos was built in 1882.) It's one of the oldest lighthouses of the Greek lighthouse network. Νowadays there are...


ALL READY FOR THE 48th AEGEAN RALLY START Sponsored by "Amita MOTION" The countdown to the 48th Aegean Sailing Rally organized by the HORC and sponsored...