A 75 year old man committed suicide in Amorgos

killed himselfA 75 year old pensioner from Arkesini, Amorgos, ended his life on the morning of July 30, unable to cope with the devastation brought by his son layoff from National TV station ERT.

According to crosschecked testimonials to Naxos News, the man was unable to face the fact that his married son -who was a father himself- was laid off from work and that he wouldn’t be able to financially help him and his family. The old man already had custody of his second son who is seriously challenge in health.
These insurmountable problems, combined with the very small pension, contributed to the pensioner finally taking his own life.
The 75 year old never hid his anxiety from his fellow villagers, since the day his son was let go from ERT’s music department. Day after day, he felt the pressure caused by his inability to help his own son. In the end, yesterday, Tuesday the 30th, he left home, never to return again. His body was found in the tank where the rain water is being collected for use by the local farmers. Still, no one can believe how the old man found the strength to lift the large and heavy cover on top of the tank, to crawl inside and end his life in such a tragic way.
Everyone on the island of Amorgos -none more so than the deceased’s wife- are shattered by the tragic event, unable to believe how something like that actually happened, but, also, largely troubled by the root cause.


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