Aegiali:The yacht «ANTALIS» was forbidden by the Port Authority to sail.

photo by 1000 fans of Amorgos
The Aegiali Port Authority  was informed yesterday at 19.10 that Yacht «ANTALIS», CAYMAN ISLANDS Flag, had been tilted due to flooding at the sea area in the bay LEVROSOS Aegiali with  nine (09) foreign passengers and  a nine-member foreign crew , all in good health.
Directly the Port Authority visited the point    to provide help with the fishing vessel “TIMIOS STAYROS II” N.N.115 and “AG.NIKOLAOS” N.N.44, by towing the yacht to the adjacent Aegiali beach to avoid board sinking.
The inflow, which was caused by the left exit door of the auxiliary vessel (tender), was met with the assistance of an individual diver, who closed the door and placed a pump for the inflow of water.
The yacht was forbidden by the Aegiali Port Authority to sail.


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