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Constantinos JB
I’m Constantinos, a passionate Amorgian. I want to take risks, meet interesting people, challenge myself and explore the world.


Folk music of Amorgos

The inhabitants of Amorgos, despite everyday hardship in their isolated and rocky island, never pass on an opportunity to celebrate, composing their own songs


"Parvas” is a family story. It depicts a series of ordinary events, of chance happenings in the family of Dimitri Giannakos, also known as Parvas, that resides in Chora of Amorgos...

History of Amorgos Island

During the Early Cycladic Period (3rd millennium BC), Amorgos was one of the mort important Aegean cultural centres. It had more than 12 fortified acropolises on hilltops and capes (Markiani was the chief one), as well as cemeteries (Dokathismata, Kapsala).

Shipwreck on the Amorgos Island

Mr. Nikitas, coffee maker in Kolofana, remembers the shipwreck of “Olympia”, which impressed so much Luc Besson, that he selects it for setting in“Le grand bleu”

Asfontilitis, a monument of Amorgian rural architecture

The once vibrant agricultural establishment, untouched by later influences, seals the site with its simple aesthetics: threshing floors and wells, ovens and the internal...