Folk music of Amorgos

The inhabitants of Amorgos, despite everyday hardship in their isolated and rocky island, never pass on an opportunity to celebrate, composing their own songs. Local songs often refer to history, local place names and places of worship, like Hozoviotissa. After all, Panagia (Holy Mary) is often mentioned and summoned by islanders, not only in songs but on every occasion.

perasma stin amorgoThe fruit of many years of research carried out with zeal and knowledge, the CD ‘Perasma stin Amorgo’ comes as the
first discographic documentation of the repertoire of the island, revealing material that is rich and expressive. The tunes, dances and songs of the CD makes us privy to the old but still living Cycladic island musical style which in our day tends to be forgotten. Nikos Oikonomidis, leading folk violinist and ardent devotee of the genuine island musical tradition, researched, recorded, and performed the material with respect and virtuosity.
It is very aptly noted in the CD notes by ethnomusicologist Lambros Liavas, “Quite correctly, we will be able to characterize this CD as self-produced, made with clean and well-chosen material, the fruit of knowledge, respect and conscientious effort, by people who counter “music as a consumer commodity” with “music as identity”!

The recording was subsidized by the cultural and artistic syllogos (association), “Simonidis” of Amorgos.



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