“Gone”, the “Big Blue” protagonist

The female dolphin that starred in Luc Besson’s “Big Blue”, filmed in the 80s near Amorgos, and the reason why the island is still very popular with French tourists, has passed.

Josephine died from diseases associated with old age, according to the announcement of the park where she lived in Antibes, southern France. The zoo director added that the dolphin had been fortunate enough to be a mother and grandmother to many in her lifetime.

Josephine had starred in “Big Blue” which came out in theaters in 1988 and became extremely popular and loved for its original script, fine performances and the breathtaking scenery of Amorgos.

In the last scene, the diver Jacques Maillol -which was a real person- a man who has a special relationship with the sea and dolphins, follows Josephine in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, leaving normal life to other people.

Jean-Marc Barr, Josephine’s co-star in the film that made the dolphin famous, said about her when he was informed of her death: “I’ll never forget my meeting with Josephine. Overall, we had a great adventure. We wrote a nice story. We made people happy”.



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