Amorgos – Municipal elections 2010

None of the mayors of three candidates did not obtain the required percentage for the election and all will be recurring in the round between the first two

Patatato a traditional dish of Amorgos Island

Patatato,a portion of goat meat cooked in a pot with potatoes

Buildings of Amorgos

Roughly 3.000 monuments of rural heritage recorded the “Greek Company of Environment and Culture”


ALL READY FOR THE 48th AEGEAN RALLY START Sponsored by "Amita MOTION" The countdown to the 48th Aegean Sailing Rally organized by the HORC and sponsored...

Amorgos island in 1986

Picturing the island of Amorgos of another era


"Parvas” is a family story. It depicts a series of ordinary events, of chance happenings in the family of Dimitri Giannakos, also known as Parvas, that resides in Chora of Amorgos...

Little Amorgos

«The island is not to be sold to Turks» "Little Amorgos" became famous after the news that saw the light of publicity talking about it being sold by the Hellenic country to a Turk businessman.