Amorgos Municipality: 2011 Census Results

Elstat released the provisional results of the population census they carried out last May 2011. Across the country, 10,787,690 residents have participated in the...

A 75 year old man committed suicide in Amorgos

A 75 year old pensioner from Arkesini, Amorgos, ended his life on the morning of July 30, unable to cope with the devastation brought...

Yperia 2011 was a great success

Press Release  YPERIA The 9th International Conference on Culture and Tourism Yperia 2011 was again a great success,  in regards to participation and...

Folk music of Amorgos

The inhabitants of Amorgos, despite everyday hardship in their isolated and rocky island, never pass on an opportunity to celebrate, composing their own songs

We’re cleaning up Amorgos

On Sunday, 24th of June, the Amorgos Municipality, with the help of the Cultural Association of Tholaria and SKY channel, will clean up the Mikri Vlihada beach

Amorgos – Municipal elections 2010

None of the mayors of three candidates did not obtain the required percentage for the election and all will be recurring in the round between the first two
big blue protagonistvideo

“Gone”, the “Big Blue” protagonist

The female dolphin Josephine that starred in Luc Besson's "Big Blue",has passed.
Chora - Amorgos

Castle of Amorgos

History Chora is the capital of Amorgos. It was founded in the early Byzantine period and developed after the 8th century AD when the population...