Parvas“Parvas” is a family story. It depicts a series of ordinary events, of chance happenings in the family of Dimitri Giannakos, also known as Parvas, that resides in Chora of Amorgos.In a small Greek village on the island of Amorgos we observe the daily life of Dimitri, Flora and their daughter Dina, who fill their days following the same routine for 50 years. Dimitri Giannakos divides his time between his garden and the coffee shop he runs with his wife and daughter. They stay at the coffee shop.Amorgos is popular to filmgoers from the film “Le Grand Bleu” where Dimitri Giannakos plays a small part. The film “Parvas” shows life in the island of Amorgos as it really is. There is no voice over or interviews, the story tells itself in images and the filmmaker keeps himself  invisible.  Read More


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