Telephone Numbers

Amorgos Useful Telephone Numbers
Here are the most useful telephone numbers that a tourist might need in Amorgos. In this page, we have gathered the phone numbers of the local municipality, the police station, the health center and other tourist services in Amorgos to help you organize your trip better or act quickly in case of emergency.

Telephones www
Municipal of Amorgos +302285360200 WWW
Citizen Service Centre +302285074100
Port Authority Katapola +302285071259
Port Authority Aegiali +302285073620
Health Center of Amorgos
Chora +302285071207
Police Stations
Chora +302285071210
Aegiali +302285073320 
Regional Medical Practice
Aegiali +302285073222
Arkesini +302285072250
Vroutsi +302285074070
Tholaria +302285073170
Katapola +302285071805
Post Office
Chora +302285071250
Aegiali +302285073037
Katapola +302285071496
Amorgos Busses +306936671033 WWW
Amorgos Taxi +306937883838 WWW
Pireaus bank
Katapola +302285071871