Yperia 2011 was a great success

Press Release  YPERIA

The 9th International Conference on Culture and Tourism Yperia 2011 was again a great success,  in regards to participation and to the announcements.
Journalists, photographers, reporters and television crews from Greece, Austria, Denmark, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Canada and Congo,  attended.
The opening of the Congress, was declared by the Mayor of Amorgos, Mr. Nikitas Roussos.
Through visits to the monuments of the island, such as the famous Byzantine Monastery of Hozoviotissa, the Hellenistic Tower of Agia Triada in Arkesini, the Archaeological Museum in the Capital Chora,  the church of Epanochoriani, where the procession of the icons of the monastery was attended, the Church of the Holy Anargyroi in Tholaria, the Monastery of  St. George Valsamitis, built on the site of Ancient water Oracle and finally with visits to the villages  and the country side with the beautiful flowers and herbs, participants got to know the traditional  Amorgian architecture and the culture of the place.
The  meals and dinners with traditional dishes in diffirent restaurants of Aegiali, (Amvrosia, Lakki, Panorama, Kostaras, Loza, Taistra, To Limani, o Chondros, Ta Asteria) the  music, the songs, the dances and feasts, completed the picture of the contemporary culture of the beautiful and picturesque island of Amorgos. 


“Culture and Peace in the Mediterranean” by Dr.Filio Diamanti-deputy coordinator of the Greek National Network Foundation Anna Lindh.

“The Energy Fields of Amorgos” by Dr.Dimitri Perdetzoglou.
“Sustainable Tourism” by Mrs. Alison Womack.
Photo trip with ichoramata “Orientations in the Aegean” – ”Rust & Almira” by the photographer artist, Mr.Dimitris Talianis.
“Rural Heritage of Amorgos’ by the environmentalist Mrs. Katerina Kanakaris.
“Man-Environment-Technology” by Mrs. Magda Roussi, researcher, artist, designer.
“Ancient coins of Amorgos’ by Mr. Anthony Vlavianos, architect, journalist.
“Amorgos Chitons” by the archaeologist  and excavator  in Keros island Mr. George Gavalas.
“Films which have affected tourism in Greece” by Mrs. Irene Giannakopoulos director of the Hotel Aegialis Hotel & Spa and President of the Cultural Association of Women Tholaria.
“Greek Cinema” by Manolis Zandes, director of ET3.
“Geocaching” presentation and explanation of the project by its inspirator  Mr. Erwin Werdenigg.
“The fairy tales of Amorgos over the centuries” by Mrs. Helen Kountouroupi-Giannakopoulou.
The writer-journalist Mr. Elias Provopoulos, presented his book “Asfontylitis” and guided the delegates in the impressive agrocultural Asfontyliti settlement.
The painting exhibition by the English  painter Mrs.Judy Attwood,  was opened within the activities of this Cultural conference. 

The  2nd International Tourism Short Film Festival of  Amorgos took also place.

The following films participated:
Barcelos – Aquem e Alem Atlantico’s by Carlos Araujo, Enviroment – Culture – Development by the Greek National Tourist Organization, 365 Churches of Luiza Barcan, Amorgos – Island of the sky of Carlos Araujo, The winds of Keros Island by Marina Kounelaki, GREECE the Greek National Tourism Organization , Winter Fruits by Bosco – NIB Alternativa Turnat Cienega de Zapata Cuba’s Travelfilm.se Inca Tours, Viva Amorgos of Sabien Rodenbach, Inspiration Old Mountain by Mladen Velimiromic, World Water War of  Stelios Alexandrakis, Asti song of Bacchus, by Manolis Zandes, A Way of Saint James by Paolo Coelho, Journey to the light – Amorgos by Vasilis Katerinopoulos, TURNAT – Cuba by William Killander  – Travelfilm.se

Awards won:

1st prize:
Asti song of Bacchus by Manolis Zande

2nd Prize
Inspiration Old Mountain by Mladen Velimiromic from Serbia

3rd Prize
365 Churches
by Luiza Barcan from Romania

The conclusions of the conference was summarized by the coordinator – journalist Mr. Emmanuel Lignos, who thanked  all Participants of the Congress for their presence,  the  President Mrs Irene Giannakopoulos and colleagues, and staff of all parts of “Aegialis Hotel & Spa ” for  their excellent services.

The Conference was attended by the Ambassador of Romania, Mr.George Ciamba, the General Secretary of the Embassy of the Congo, Mrs. Alima Mulamba, The Consulant of Greece in Bolognia Mrs. Georgia Lambraki,  the Chairman of the Cycladic Association of Journalists Mr. Hariklia Zamanou  and more.


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