The Dormition of the Virgin Mary, Little Easter in Summer

The Dormition of the Virgin Mary is a feast of the Christians, which is celebrated on August 15. In Greece, it is pompously celebrated in many parts around the country, and it is also called “Easter in the summer.”

What do we celebrate by the Assumption of the Virgin Mary?
According to tradition, when Mary was informed from above of her impending death, she prayed on Mount of Olives, prepared herself and reported the news to the Apostles. Since, on the day of the Assumption, not all the Apostles were present, a mist seized and brought them all back in Jerusalem. Virgin Mary was burried in a the tomb of Gethsemane; three days later, the tomb was empty. The Holy Mother had been taken to the heaven.

In Amorgos Island, whose patroness is the Holy Mother (Hozoviotissa), the biggest festival of August is dedicated to the Virgin Mary. There are several churches in Amorgos in Her name, but cetrainly, the first among them is the Virgin Mary “Epanochoriani” in Langada of Aegiali. A point of reference for all Gialites wherever they may live. This church also has ancient roots and rich history.

In the festival for the Virgin Mary “Epanochoriani” church, the feast is also famous for the local specialties, “patatato” and “ksidato”, and the “legendary” psimeni raki of Amorgos.

Happy many returns to all. Happy August 15th.

Παναγία η Επανωχωριανή from Greek Islander on Vimeo.


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