Wedding in Amorgos

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Amorgos is one of my favorite islands. I hadn’t visited for many years, so I was extremely pleased when Tim and Ritsa asked me to photograph their wedding there. Known as the “diamond of the Aegean”, the place where “Big blue” (Le Grand Blue) was shot, Amorgos is a destination worth visiting. The traditional occupations of the people of Amorgos were – and still are – related to the sea; fishing and sailors (hence the “Mexico” key chain… I don’t usually post wedding detail shots…)

Tim is from the States and has been living in Greece. Ritsa is from Amorgos and met with Tim in Athens where they both work. Following and upholding traditions, the wedding was held at the bride’s place of origin. Tim prepared with his friends while watching the World Cup, while Ritsa’s preparation was a little more traditional… The ceremony was held in the capital, “The Chora” of Amorgos, after Tim picked up Ritsa from her house. The reception took place at the hotel “Vigla” in Tholoma. Ritsa surprised us all when she asked her mother to clip the end of her wedding dress. That is what a real Trash the Dress is all about, in the midst of a reception! No, she didn’t do it for the sake of the photographer, but to help her dance with greater ease. And Ritsa danced, and Tim and all their guests, up to the early morning hours.

Here are my favorite pictures from their wedding day…

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