We’re cleaning up Amorgos

On Sunday, the 24th of June, the Amorgos Municipality, with the help of the Cultural Association of Tholaria, local bodies and SKY channel, will clean up the Mikri Vlihada beach at Aegiali, Amorgos. The volunteers will also clean up the pathway that leads from the Tholaria area to the beach.

The meeting point is the entrance to the Mikri Vlihada beach, Amorgos, at 10:00AM.

INFORMATION: Irini Giannakopoulou, president of the Cultural Association of Tholaria: 2285073393

The Mikri Vlihada

Yet one more traditional path in Amorgos; leading from Tholaria to the Mikri Vlihada cove. The pathway is in a generally good condition, only slightly out of shape near the ravine that ends up in the sea. The entire pathway down to the beach is a comfortable thirty minute walk. The walk up to the village is not too bad either, taking as long as 45 minutes.

The beach is covered by pebbles, which cover the sea bed too, at the bottom of the crystaline and clear waters of the Aegean sea. The water is pretty cold because of the fresh water that pour out from various pores of the sea bottom. That’s also where the area got its name from, as well.

One can also reach the beach by boat. There are still some buildings for the protection of the fishermen’s boats. These are called “sirmata”.


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