Yperia 2012 on Amorgos Island

The 10th International Conference on Culture and Tourism YPERIA 2012 on Amorgos.

Women’s Cultural Association of Tholaria Aegiali Amorgos, in cooperation with “Aegialis Hotel & Spa” in Aegiali, organize the 10th International Meeting of Culture and Tourism, YPERIA 2012, from 19th to 22nd of April 2012.

The topic of this year’s convention is: “Cultural Ηeritage of Amorgos”.

1000 year old Monastery of Panagia Hozoviotissa becoming World’s UNESCO Monument.

Architecture of Agricultural settlement of Asfontylitis

Amorgos – Luc Besson’s “Big Blue” island.

Amorgian Herbs & Gastronomy

Musical history of Amorgos over the years.

Sustainable tourism and environment

The 3rd Amorgos Festival of Short Tour Films.
Distinguished people from Greece and around the world are invited, such as: journalists, photographers, producers, Political Representatives, Ambassadors, artists etc.
There will be photography & painting exhibitions, workshops in Greek dancing & language, cooking, wine tasting and tours across the island.

Access to Amorgos island for the event:
By Blue Star Ferries at 17.30, April 18th, from Piraeus port, Athens, to Aegiali port–Amorgos.
Departure on April 23rd at 6:00 from Katapola port-Arrival to Athens at 15.00.

For participation and more information:
Tel. +30 2285073393
e-mail: info@aegialis.com
site: www.yperia.gr


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